The invisible student

After a wonderful day of working on my website, podcast and blog, I was thinking of my goals for these technologies. First, since I am an academic and desire to immerse myself in conversations going on in my field of interest, I have pledged (since last week, with reinforcement this week!) to join associations, subscribe to blogs, and join the fray. On a personal and professional level, then, having an online presence is critical to my joining a wider circle of academics.

My other goal is as an instructor, of course, and I think of the students for whom I would like technology to help, and that is the “invisible student”: the one who never asks for help but desperately needs it; the one who misses class and falls behind; the one who needs a second explanation and feels a bit tromped on when everyone else gets it the first time. Can technology help those students? I think for some, yes. For others, no. I am sure, though, that I must try to reach out in every way possible. I must also provide ways for students to help one another. That can be done through an LMS, but I think perhaps students would be impressed to see an instructor with a website going a bit renegade and a bit daring with technology that might not be cutting edge, but is at least designed for us, our class, our purposes, our interests this particular semester.

Is space really the final frontier, or the computer screen in front of me? Ha!

4 thoughts on “The invisible student

  1. I enjoyed your posting, but I was also really curious how you got that color changing prompt to appear at the conclusion. You’ll have to show me tomorrow, please.

  2. Actually, I realized after looking at Tony’s blog that it’s an automatic widget or something that’s embedded in the layout template you chose. I believe at the end of each posting it’ll install an automatic link, using that layout and design, to your most recent previous posting.

  3. I just posted on Greg’s blog and saw the same thing on his, so I agree with you that it is probably embedded in the blog!

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