Text Talk Podcast

I hope you enjoy listening to the first episode in what we hope might be a series of podcasts called Text Talk, featuring Paul Grubbs, Kyesha Jennings and Dawn Gieringer, PhD students at IUP. Completed in Dr. Kenneth Sherwood’s class A Domain of One’s Own. The first episode is about literature and genre; we discuss what constitutes “Literature,” what should or should not be included in a literature class, and if so, how.


This is our full twelve minute conversation.  Please share thoughts!


Here is an abbreviated, five-minute version. A shout out of thanks to Paul Grubbs for his awesome editing.


2 thoughts on “Text Talk Podcast

  1. Thanks for a great first experience planning and carrying out a podcast, Dawn. I enjoyed the project a great deal and appreciated the positive attitude and spirit of intellectual curiosity you and Kyesha brought to the project!

  2. What a unique style for a podcast. The idea is not only spectacular but also enlightening. I had not consider this style of podcast before but as I continue to create in this environment I will be sure to include this format at least once or twice. The table is uniquely different and intriguing.

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