Reflection of first day

Well, on the first day I probably felt too confident at first because everything was going well, but then I got a step behind with the blog and the class was moving forward to CSS and so I am a bit confused about that. I look at my website now and know that what I put there was in an effort to practice posting pictures and links as well as copy and pasting content — without rhyme or reason!! I want to go to other scholar’s websites now and try to create something similar. I need more white space on my website, first of all. I am curious to see my classmates’ websites. I wonder how many are including pictures of themselves or if that is a good idea. I am hesitant to do so, but it seems using a picture is part of the purpose of the website–to familiarize students or colleagues with me, not only my scholarly interests. Hmm.

I find the readings are interesting and add to my feelings about teaching online and using technology in and out of the classroom. I need to use technology more on a daily basis. I plan to join some associations in my scholarly field of interest and will start participating in those blogs, as a start.

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  1. Pictures and self-representation are a complicated decision to make, although they definitely do personalize the space if that’s the goal!

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