The podcast was soo fun! I loved working with Paul and Kyesha.  I honestly feel so happy every day to be speaking with people who love literature as much as I do and whose opinions I respect. I am pleased with our podcast — Paul interviewed us and his questions came from a true conversation we had been having and felt it worthy of sharing. Kyesha and I have a slight difference of opinion about the topic we discuss on the podcast (no, I will not give away the subject!) but I respect her and value her opinion — she might have changed mine, in fact!!

A great experience. Thank you, Paul and Kyesha!



2 thoughts on “Podcasts!

  1. I grew up listening to Garrison Keillor’s Tales from Lake Woebegone (in Minnesota it’s a legal requirement to enjoy that radio program) and, later, enjoying This American Life, Radiolab, and other “storytelling for the ears.” I’ve always wanted to attempt a podcast with my students (we listen to some, but don’t produce any) and this was a great first experience in gathering material from, as you said, our genuine everyday concerns and translating them into a format that (hopefully) might prove engaging to others with similar interests. It was a very enjoyable attempt, I agree.

    1. Thank you for leading us in this endeavor, Paul! You definitely have a handle on the technology. If you are reading, Dr. Sherwood, Paul was the mastermind of our podcast (not that you had any doubt of that!) and was very kind to share his knowledge.

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