Text Talk Podcast

I hope you enjoy listening to the first episode in what we hope might be a series of podcasts called Text Talk, featuring Paul Grubbs, Kyesha Jennings and Dawn Gieringer, PhD students at IUP. Completed in Dr. Kenneth Sherwood’s class A Domain of One’s Own. The first episode is about literature and genre; we discuss what constitutes “Literature,” what should or should…

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Genre writing

The question of genre writing for the Web has me stumped–what irony!! I teach genre in literature and ponder with my class questions like, why did this author express these ideas in a poem and not a short story? how does the dramatic genre limit character development? yadayadayada. In composition as well, I encourage students to begin the semester writing…

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The invisible student

After a wonderful day of working on my website, podcast and blog, I was thinking of my goals for these technologies. First, since I am an academic and desire to immerse myself in conversations going on in my field of interest, I have pledged (since last week, with reinforcement this week!) to join associations, subscribe to blogs, and join the…

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An exuberant or passive user of tech in the classroom–which am I?

I have been a somewhat passive user of technology, I will admit. My confidence using the LMS and “willingness” to do so well is now, I realize, an insulator against moving beyond it. The readings this week, especially the Tour article that Loren and I will present this morning, have made me realize that I use technology as an “add…

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The podcast was soo fun! I loved working with Paul and Kyesha.  I honestly feel so happy every day to be speaking with people who love literature as much as I do and whose opinions I respect. I am pleased with our podcast — Paul interviewed us and his questions came from a true conversation we had been having and…

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Reflection of first day

Well, on the first day I probably felt too confident at first because everything was going well, but then I got a step behind with the blog and the class was moving forward to CSS and so I am a bit confused about that. I look at my website now and know that what I put there was in an…

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!